20 Questions | Jodie Lodge

20 Questions | Jodie Lodge

We spoke to Jodie to ask her some questions!


1. Which team do you support?

Huddersfield Town


2. Biggest joker in the dressing room?



3. Worst banter?



4. Best player you have ever played with?

Everyone on the DHFC team – woop woop


5. Footballing hero/heroine?

Gareth Bale tearing down the wing back in the day


6. If you didn’t play football, which sport would you play?

I used to be good at gymnastics


7. Earliest football memory?

Huddersfield Town FC coming to my Primary school and putting on after school sessions. I joined with my friend as a joke to be with the boys. I ended up being better than all of them ;)


8. Any pre-match superstitions?

Always have to have a big bowl of pasta


9. Karaoke choice?

Since you’ve been gone – Kelly Clarkson


10. Favourite meal?

My flat mates creamy chorizo pasta (shoutout Meg)


11. Worst food to eat?

Cabbage – what even is that


12. Describe a perfect Saturday?

Get up, have a chilled morning, go watch a prem game in the afternoon then back in time for an early night (got to be ready for DHWFC the next day!!)


13. Best goal you’ve ever scored?

The goal I scored in pre-season against rising ballers (it was a shot not a cross…)


14. If you had a superpower, it would be…

To timetravel


15. What is a random fact about yourself?

My left ear has been superglued back on


16. Best game you’ve watched live?

Huddersfield Town beating Reading on penalties in the play-off final 2016


17. Best holiday you’ve ever been on?

I went to Sweden which was pretty cool


18. Most treasured piece of football memorabilia?

My Huddersfield Town play-off final T-shirt (still holding on to that memory)


19. What are you most scared of?

Deep sea


20. Best subject in school? (Other than PE?!)

I loved history



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